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Current US drought map

US drought forecast

South central drought map

Oklahoma rainfall as percent of normal

60 hour cattle stress projections


Drought damaged corn plants for cattle

Nitrate toxicity in livestock

Collecting forage samples for analysis

OSU Nitrate testing

OSU aflatoxin testing

Aflatoxin in baled corn

Prussic acid poisoning

Forage drought management strategies

Forage and grazing strategies during drought

Limit feeding of hay

Ammoniation of low quality roughages

Hay harvesting tips for failed corn crops

Options for high nitrate forages

Johnsongrass anyone?

Have you looked into your hay quality crystal ball?

Hay purchasing guidelines

Hot and dry weather can trigger nitrate accumulation in some forage crops

Hay Listings

OK Dept of Ag - in state

OK Dept of Ag - out of state

Noble Foundation hay and pasture listing

Kansas Farm Bureau hay exchange

TX hay hotline

Missouri Dept of Ag

Arkansas hay list

Hay barn

Internet hay exchange


Cow protein Supplemenation of forage tables

Use of Bova-Pro / P5 bolus for reducing effects of Nitrates

OSU Cowculator is a Windows based Computer software program designed to assist cattlemen in making informed decisions associated with beef cow nutrition. Instructions : Program

Nutritive value of feeds for beef cattle

Limit feeding concentrate diets to beef cows as and alternative to feeding hay

OSUNRC2010 to develop or check a ration formulation. - Instructions : Program

Missouri byproduct feed source listing


Management of cows with limited forage availability

Early weaning for the beef herd

Blue-green algae - general

Blue-green algae - livestock

Body condition scoring of beef cows

Livestock drinking water quality

Cattle Heat Stress

Understanding a water test report

Impact of horn flies during drought

Early weaning decision aid


IFMAPS: A free, confidential service helping Oklahoma producers with farm business planning.  Trained part-time specialists work with families one-on-one to develop financial statements and evaluate alternative plans.
Call 1-800-522-3755 for more information or to schedule an appointment or click here.

Cow Repurchase Decision Tool: Spreadsheet tool to estimate cost saved and interest earned on sale proceeds between liquidation and repurchase date. - Program

Sell Cows Now or Later? Compares opportunities for marketing cows now or incurring additional cost to target other markets. Especially useful for use in drought situations. - Instructions : Program

Tax consequences of weather related sale of livestock

Drought management economic considerations

RANCHCALC calculates net operating returns and annual cash flow for the ranch under different production-marketing alternatives available to the manager. - Instructions : Program

OSU Enterprise Budgets based on Excel spreadsheet software. The spreadsheets are designed to provide a planning and educational tool that contains estimates of production costs and returns based on the current and/or expected economic environment as well as the management practices typical of an area.- see report examples : order program

IFFS - Integrated Farm Financial Statements generates financial statements—projected or actual—useful in decision making and evaluating performance. Projected statements provide insights into anticipated credit needs, cash flows, income levels, and changes in financial ratios, important information for both potential new producers and continuing operations. - order program


Burn ban for western and central OK

CRP emergency haying

CRP emergency grazing

OK counties declared natural disaster areas

Livestock drought assistance programs


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