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1966 Animal Science Research Reports

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Factors to take into account when adjusting weaning weights of calves.
            L.V. Cundiff, R.L. Willham and Charles A. Pratt.

Reproductive performance of sows fed at two levels during gestation.
            I.T. Omtvedt.

Effect of pre-weaning plane of nutrition on growth and development of beef calves.
            John A. Steudeman, S.A. Ewing, J.J. Guenther and G.V. Odell.

A comparison of the effects of hand mating and lot mating on the reproductive performance of gilts.
            E.J. Turman, J.C. Hilier, Allen Sharp, Jerry Lawrence and James Tilton.

Effect of teasing on mating and lambing performance of spring-bred ewes.
            A.A. Ovejera, J.V. Whiteman, M.B. Gould and F.A. Thrift.

Some relationships between lamb growth and carcass composition and among various measures of carcass merit.
            Joe. V. Whiteman, Lowell E. Walters and A.W. Munson.

The cumulative influence of level of wintering on the lifetime performance of beef females through six calf crops.
            Larry Smithson, S.A. Ewing, L.S. Pope and D.F. Stephens.

A study of some factors affecting feed intake and performance of finishing steers.
            Joe Hughes, S.A. Ewing and L.S. Pope.

Weight loss patters of beef cows at calving.
            S.A. Ewing, Larry Smithson, Dwight Stephens and Derald McNutt.

Bermuda grass and beef cattle.
            Jack McCroskey

The value of cotton seed meal, fish meal and area in Milo rations for fattening Cows.
            Robert Totusek, Robert E. Renbarger, George A.B. Hall and Allen D. Tillman.

Optimum nutrition of the young lamb for maximum growth and lean production.
            Robert L. Noble, L.E. Walters, Allen D. Tillman and Eldon Nelson.


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