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1975 Animal Science Research Reports

Full Report

Selection for Increased Weaning Weight and Yearling Weight in Hereford Cattle.
            T.A. Stanford and R.R. Frahm.

Supplemental Value of Urea and Feed Grade Biuret for Heifers Wintered on Dry Range Grass.
            Jack G. Wright, W.E. Sharp, Mervin Compton and Robert Totusek.

Supplemental Values of MHA for Range Cows.
            Jack G. Wright, W.E. Sharp, Mervin Compton and Robert Totusek.

Supplemental Value of Urea and Extruded Grain-Urea for Range Beef Cows.
            Jack G. Wright, W.E. Sharp, Mervin Compton and Robert Totusek.

Performance of Five-Year-Old Hereford, Hereford X Holstein and Holstein Females as Influenced by Level of Winter Supplementation Under Range Conditions.
            R.D. Wyatt, K.S. Lusby, L. Knori, Mike Gould and Robert Totusek.

Feed Lot Performance and Carcass Merit of the Third Calves from Hereford, Hereford X Holstein and Holstein Cows.
            K.S. Lusby, R.D. Wyatt, D.F. Stephens and Robert Totusek.

Three Levels of Nitrogen for Bermuda Grass Grazed by Cows and Calves.
            John Gordon, Floyd P. Horn, Leon Knori, Mike Gould and Robert Totusek.

Influence of Roughage Level and Processing Method on the Digestion of High Corn Rations.
            N.A. Cole, R.R. Johnson, and F.N. Owens.

Comparison of Feed Lot Performance Among Various Two-Breed Cross Steers.
            R.R. Frahm and T.A. Stanforth. -back to top-

Buffers and Sub Clinical Acidosis in Steers.
            E.C. Prigge, E.T. Clemens, N.A. Cole, R.R. Johnson, and D. Williams.

Soluble Non-Protein Nitrogen and High Moisture Corn Utilization.
            E.C. Prigge, R.R. Johnson, N.A. Cole, and D.E. Williams.

Influence of Processing on the Digestion of Corn Based Rations by Steers.
            Mike Galyean, R.R. Johnson, and Donald Wagner.

Micronized Wheat for Beef Cattle.
            Jerry Aimone and Donald G. Wagner.

High Moisture Barley for Beef Cattle.
            Jerry Aimone and Donald G. Wagner.

Formaldehyde Treatment of Full-Fat Soy Flour to Protect the PUFA from Rumen Microbial Hydrogenation.
            B.A. Ackerson, R.R. Johnson, R.L. Henrickson, and F.N. Owens.

Optimum Levels of Protection for Growing Boars.
            W.G. Luce, R.K. Johnson, S.D. Welty, B.F. Queener and L.E. Walters.

Feed Lot Performance and Carcass Merit of Purebred and Two-Breed Cross Pigs.
            L.D. Young, R.K. Johnson, I.T. Omtvedt, L.E. Walters, S.D. Welty, and E. Ferrell.

Trends in Performance of Boars in the Oklahoma Swine Test Station.
            R.K. Johnson and W.G. Luce.

Performance of Pigs Fed Least Cost Computer Rations.
            W.G. Luce and C.V. Maxwell.

Carcass Traits of Weathers Produced by Crossbred Dams of Rambouillet, Dorset and Finnsheep Breeding and Slaughterd at Two Weights.
            David L. Thomas, Joe V. Whiteman, Lowell E. Walters, and John E. Fields.

A Further Report of the Productivity of Crossbred Ewes of Finnsheep, Dorset and Rambouillet Breeding.
            David L. Thomas, Joe V. Whiteman, and John E. Fields. -back to top-

Comparisons of Some Reproductive Traits of Dorset, Suffolk and Hampshire Rams Under Commercial Conditions.
            Joe V. Whiteman and L. Dwayne Flinn.

Improving Phytate Phosphorous Utilization by Poultry with Live Yeast Culture.
            Rolling H. Thayer and G. Dean Jackson.

The Relation of K40 Net Count and Probe to Body Composition Changes in Growing and Fattening Swine.
            T.R. Carr, L.E. Walters, J.V. Whiteman and R. Queener.

Metabolic Indices of Bovine Muscle Growth.
           J.R. Escoubas, J.J. Gunther, and K.K. Novotny.

Muscle Fiber Growth of Cattle Differing in Mature Size.
            J.J. Guenther and J.R. Escoubas.

Antibiotic Infustion for Prevention of New Mastitis Infections in Cows.
            L.J. Bush, P.B. Barto, G.D. Adams and M.E. Wells.

Studies on Wheat Pasture Flavor in Milk.
            R.L. Von Gunten, L.J. Bush, M.E. Wells, G.V. Odell and G.D. Adams.

Comparison of Finely Ground and Micronized Sorghum Grain for Dairy Cows.
            L.J. bush and G.D. Adams.

Starters for Cheese Whey Fermentation.
            Leslie Redel, Wanda Smith and J.B. Mickle.

A New Custard for the Elderly.
            J.B. Mickle, Olive Pryor, and R.D. Morrison.

Synchronication of Estrus in Beef Cattle with Prostaglandin.
            E.J. Turman, R.P. Wettemann, T.D. Rich, D. Lyons, W.E. Sharp and R.R. Frahm.

Factors Affecting the Calving Interval in Large Dairy Herds.
            H. Slama, M.E. Wells, and G.D. Adams.

Progesterone in Blood Plasma of Gilts During Early Pregnancy and During Exposure to Elevated Ambient Temperature.
            D.L. Kreider and R.P. Wettemann.

Induction of Constant Estrus in Ovariectomized Sows.
            L. Brock, R.P Wetteman and B. Taiwo.

Testicular Characteristics of Duroc, Hampshire and Cross-Bred Boars at 7.5 Months of Age.
            J. Holzler, R.P. Wttemann, R.K. Johnson and S. Welty
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  • Milk Flavors.
                J.B. Mickle, M.S. Borges R.D. Morrison.
  • Problems Associated with Induced Superovulation and Superfectation in Beef Cows.
                E.J. Turman, D.M. Hallford, R.P. Wettemann and C.E. Pope.
  • Use of the Emme as a Measure of Leaness in Swine.
                D.M. Stiffler, L.E. Walters, R.K. Johnson and R.F. Queener.
  • Net K40 Count as an Estimator of Lean in two Types of Cattle Evaluated at Four Different Weights.
                L.E. Walters, D.M. Stiffler and R.F. Queener.
  • Serum Alkaline Phsophatase Levels in Small Scale and Large Scale Steer Calves.
                T.R. Kramer, J.R. Escoubas, J.J. Guenther and K.K. Novotny.
  • Beef Carcass Composition Studies Among Crossbred Cattle.
                D.M. Stiffler, L.E. Walters and R.R. Frahm.
  • The Effects of Freezing and Thawing on Lactate Dehydrogenase Isoenzymes from Bovine Muscle.
                J.R. Excoubas, J.J. Guenther and K.K. Novotny.


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