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1976 Animal Science Research Reports

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Performance to Weaning of Crossbred Calves from Hereford Cows.
R. R. Frahm, M. E. Boyd and W. E. Sharp.

Performance to Weaning of Crossbred Calves from Angus Cows.
R. R. Frahm, M. E. Boyd and W. E. Sharp.

Effects of Winter Supplement Level on Roughage Intake and Digestibility of Three Breeds of Cows in Dry lot.
K. S. Lusby, D. F. Stephens, Leon Knori and Robert Totusek.

Forage Intake of Range Cows as Affected by Breed and Level of Winter Supplement.
K. S. Lusby, D. F. Stephens, Leon Knori and Robert Totusek.

Effects of Milk Intake by Calves on Feed Intake and Digestibility.
K. S. Lusby, D. F. Stephens, Leon Knori and Robert Totusek.

Effects of Two Milk Intake Levels on Performance of Two Calf Types.
R. D. Wyatt, Leon Knori, M. B. Gould and Robert Totusek.

Effects of Single vs. Twin Rearing on Cow and Calf Performance.
R. D. Wyatt, R. P. Wettemann, M.B. Gould, Leon Knori and Robert Totusek.

Influence of Periods of Starvation on Blood Ammonia and Plasma Urea Concentrations of Steers Grazing Wheat Pasture.
F. P. Horn, G. W. Horn, H. R. Crookshank, W. Jackson, H. J. Muncrief and R. Osborne.

Monensin and Extruded Urea-Grain for Range Beef Cows.
R. P. Lemenager, F. N. Owens, W. E. Sharp, Merwin Compton and Robert Totusek. -back to top-

Effect of Pinkeye on Weaning Weight of Beef Calves.
A. B. Cobb, R. R. Frahm and R. H. Mizell.

Reimplanting Studies with Feedlot Cattle.
D. G. Wagner, R. P. Wettemann and J. C. Aimone.

Corn Rations for Finishing Cattle.
D. G. Wagner and J. C. Aimone.

Effect of Dietary Buffers on Ruminal and Systemic Acidosis of Steers.
G. W. Horn, J. L. Gordon, E. C. Prigge, F. N. Owens and D. E. Williams.

Rumensin Addition to Silage.
F. N. Owens and E. C. Prigge.

Urea and Feeding Frequency.
K. L. Mizwicki, F. N. Owens and B. J. Shockey.

Niacin for Growing Sheep and Steers.
F. N. Owens, K. L. Mizwicki and B. J. Shockey.

Rumensin Protein Levels and Urea for Feedlot Cattle.
Jerry Martin, F. N. Owens and Donald Gill.

Controlled Feeding Regime for Maximum Litter Size.
Charles V. Maxwell, Rick D. Jones and Rex Vence.

Plasma CPR as an Indicator of Stress Susceptibility in Swine.
Charles V. Maxwell, R. P. Wettemann and L. E. Walters

Breeding Performance of Purebred vs. Crossbred Hampshire and Suffolk Rams.
Joe V. Whiteman, David L. Thomas, Debi J. Stritzke and John E. Fields.

Reproductive Performance of Crossbred Ewes of Finnsheep, Dorset and Rambouillet Breeding when Lambing in the Fall.
David L. Thomas, Joe V. Whiteman, Debi J. Stritzke and John E. Fields. -back to top-

The Reproductive Performance of Young Dorset X, Suffolk X, and 3/8 Finnsheep X Rambouillet Crossbred Ewes Mated in August and September.
Debi J. Stritzke, Joe V. Whiteman, David L. Thomas and John E. Fields.

The Response of Angus Cows to Injection of Prostaglandin and PMS.
E. J. Turman, R. P. Wettemann, M. P. Fournier, J. G. Magee and T. D. Rich.

Reproductive Performance of Range Cows with Various Suckling Intensities.
R. P. Wettemann, E. J. Turman, R. D. Wyatt, Leon Knori and Robert Totusek.

Testosterone in Boars after Treatment with Gonadatropins.
L. W. Brock and R. P. Wettemann.

Reproductive and Testicular Characteristics of Purebred and Crossbred Boars.
Eldon R. Wilson, Steven D. Welty and Rodger K. Johnson.

Ejaculate Characteristics of Angus and Hereford Bulls Finishing Gain Test.
M. E. Wells, Suzanne Smith, D. J. Breuer and Barbara Ann Stotts.

Use of the EMME as a Measure of Leanness in Swine.
D. M. Stiffler, L. E. Walters and R. K. Johnson.

The Influence of Delayed Chilling on Beef Tenderness.
P. A. Will, R. L. Henrickson and R. D. Morrison.

The Use of Phantoms to Determine the Effects of Weight on K40 Whole-Body Counting Efficiency.
D. M. Stiffler, L. E. Walters, J. V. Whiteman and B. W. Lambert.

Comparative Feeding Value of Sorghum Grain Reconstituted by Different Methods for Dairy Cows.
L. J. Bush, D. T. Netemeyer and G. D. Adams.

"Wheyfers": A High Protein Snack Food Made from the Yeast, Kluyveromyces fmgilis.
Laurel M. Dieken, Wanda Smith, and J. B. Mickle.

Amino Acid Composition of Kluyveromyces fmgilis Grown on Cottage Cheese Whey.
J. B. Mickle, S. M. Dooley, and W. Smith.

The Continuing Study of Wheat Pasture Flavor in Milk.
R. L. Von Gunten, L. J. Bush, M. E. Wells, E. L. Smith and G. D. Adams. -back to top-


  • Selection for Increased Weaning and Yearling Weight in Beef Cattle.
    R. R. Frahm, A. B. Cobb, M. B. Gould and R. H. Mizell.
  • Radiation Attenuation as an Estimator of Lean to Fat Ratios in Ground Beef.
    L. E. Walters, D. G. Batchelder, E. E. Kohnke and Bruce Lambert.
  • Beef Carcass Composition Studies Among Crossbred Cattle.
    D. M. Stiffler, L. E. Walters and R. R. Frahm.
  • The Influence of Heat Stress on Semen Quality and Endocrine Function in Bulls.
    D. C. Meyehoeffer, R. P. Wettemann, M. E. Wells, E. J. Turman and G.W.A. Mahoney.
  • Rumensin Effects on Methane Production.
    J. H. Thornton, F. N. Owens, R. P. Lemenager and Robert Totusek.
  • Characteristics of Ensiled High Moisture Corn.
    J. H. Thornton, F. N. Owens and E. C. Prigge.


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