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1980 Animal Science Research Reports

Comparison of feed lot performance and carcass traits of Charolais and Limousin sired three-breed cross calves.
R. R. Frahm, S. H. Peterson, D. L. Beerwinkle, L. E. Walters, and J. Eason

Comparison of machine milk out and calf nursing techniques for estimating milk yields of various two-breed cross range cows.
C. G. Belcher, R. R. Frahm, D. R. Belcher and E. N. Bennett

A preliminary study of growth characteristics in purebred and crossbred sired pigs II
H. R. Gaugler, R. L. Hintz and R. VincI

Lambing performance of crossbred ewes of Finn sheep, Dorset and Rambouillet Breeding under two cycles of an accelerated lambing program.
J. M. Dzakuma, J. V. Whiteman, J. E. Fields and Roger Spencer.

Developing a fertile line of fall lambing Dorset x Finish Landrace sheep: Preliminary observations.
K. A. Ringwall,J. V. Whiteman,J. E. Fields and R.J. Spencer.

The value of scoring mating behavior as indicated by chalk marks during different breeding seasons.
Joe V. Whiteman and John Fields.

Genetic and environmental influence on OSU Holstein production.
Jack D. Stout and Saghir A. Jafri.

Feed efficiency and carcass characteristics of ram lambs born in three seasons and slaughtered at four weights.
A. E. Sents, D. L, Beerwinkle,J. V: Whiteman, L. E. Walters and J. E, Fields.

The effects of hot boning and vacuum packaging on yield of cooked corned beef.
R. O. Brooks and R. L. Henrickson.

Myofiber width as influenced by breed type in baby and weaning beef calves.
J. E. Bartlett,J.J. Guenther, K. K. Novotny, C. Rodriguez and R. D. Morrison.

Myofiber number and type in twenty-five-day-old beef calves as influenced by breed type.
J. E. Bartlett, J. J. Guenther, K. K, Novotny and R. D. Morrison.

Inhibitory Action of Lactobacillus bulgaricus toward Psychrotrophic bacteria from raw milk.
S. E. Gilliland and D. R. Martin. -back to top-

Cellular component of Kluyveromyctll fragilis related to survival during frozen storage.
S. E. Gilliland and M. Bostian.

Percentage of yeast cells and whey protein in material recovered from hey cultured with Kluyveromyctll fragilis.
S. E. Gilliland and C. F. Stewart.

Effects of early weaning calves from first calf heifers on calf and heifer performance.
K. S. Lusby and R. P. Wettemann.

Evaluation of tallow treated protein for ruminants.
T. L. Stanton, F. N. Owens and K. S. Lusby.

Laboratory evaluation of by-product liquid feed ingredients.
K. S. Lusby and J. M. Howell.

Effect of Monensin on reproductive performance and winter weight change of fall-calving, first-calf heifers.
D. R. Belcher, R. D. Wyatt, S. W. Coleman, R. L. Hintz, G. L. Crosthwait and S. L. Armbruster.

Performance of steers grazed on Bermuda grass: A cooperative field trial.
K. C. Barnes, J. D. Netherton, T. L. Evicks, G. W. Horn, and W. E. McMurphy.

Feeding value of Ammoniated wheat straw for yearling steers.
C. L. Streeter, G. W. Horn and D. G. Batchelder.

Wheat forage intake and utilization of wheat pasture stockers fed low-quality Roughages.
T. L. Mader and G. W. Horn.

Protein-Sparing effect of Monensin Fed to steers wintered on Dormant, Native range.
Gerald W. Horn, Phillip L. Sims and Stephen L. Armbruster.

Steer weight gains on Midland and Hardie Bermudagrass pastures.
G. W. Horn and W. E. McMurphy. -back to top-

Monensin and implants for steers grazing Native range.
S. L. Armbruster, D. J. Fossler, G. E. Selk, L. J. Phillips, G. W. Horn and D. R. Belcher.

Effect of heating of Soybean meal on In Vitro Digestibility and feeding value for Lactating dairy cows.
L. J. Bush, D. T. Netemeyer, J. W. Ward, G. D. Adams, and S. A. Jafri.

The effect of location on the nutritive characteristics of several grain Sorghum hybrids.
C. A. Hibberd, R. L. Hintz and D. G. Wagner.

Chemical composition of cattle finished on different production systems.
J. E. Williams, T. L. Mader, D. G. Wagner, G. W. Horn, L. E. Walters and J. J. Guenther.

Comparison of forage- VI Grain-Fed Brangus crossbred steers.
J. E. Williams, D. G. Wagner, J. J. Guenther, G. W. Horn, L. E. Walters and G. R. Waller.

Protein sources for steers fed steam flaked, high moisture or whole shelled corn grain.
J. J. Martin, F. N. Owens, D. R. Gill, D. E. Williams, R. J. Hillier and R. A. Zinn.

Reimplanting feed lot steers.
F. N. Owens, D. R. Gill, J J. Martin and D. E. Williams.

Postruminal protein for growing steers.
A. B. Johnson, F. N. Owens, K. L. Mizwicki, K. B. Poling, and B. R. Wilson

Rumensin for feed lot steers - a six-trial summary.
K. E. Witt, F. N. Owens and D. R. Gill.

Sodium, Calcium and PutQ~;um Salt.. Cu. came fed high concentration rations.
R. A. Zinn and F. N. Owens.

Corn Processing method and phase feeding of steers.
D. R. Gill, F. N. Owens, J. J. Martin, R. J. Hillier, R. A. Zinn and D.E. Williams.

Corn Processing and alfalfa level effect on digestibility.
S. R. Rust, F. N. Owens and D. R. Gill. -back to top-

Liver abscesses and feed lot performance.
S. R. Rust, F. N. Owens and D. R. Gill.

Influence of Roughage level and feed intake level on digestive function.
R. A. Zinn and F. N. Owens.

Roughage - concentrate associative effects.
R. G. Teeter, F. N. Owens, J. E. Williams and Wendy Benton.

Effects of dietary fat level on performance of early weaned pigs.
N. J. Lawrence, C. V. Maxwell and C. G. Belcher.

Swine internal Parasites: Prevalence and management Systems.
Charles V. Maxwell, Helen E. Jordan, Robert G. Morris, and William G. Luce.

Testicular characteristics of Purebred and two-breed cross boars of Duroc, Yorkshire, Landrace and spot breeding.
R. W. Fent, R. P. Wettemann and R. K. Johnson.

Physiological changes in steers after acute exposure to either cool or hot environmental temperatures.
B. R. Pratt and R. P. Wettemann.

Relationship of ambient temperature, black globe temperature and humidity to respiratory rates in boars.
Steven Smith, R. P. Wettemann and K. Brock.

Influence of winter weight loss on calf birth weight and reproductive performance of range  cows.
R. P. Wettemann, Keith S. Lusby and E. J. Turman. -back to top-



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