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1987 Animal Science Research Reports

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Milk production of crossbred cows with 0, ¼, and ½ Brahman breeding in spring and fall calving systems.
            M.N. McCarter, R.R. Frahm, E.D. Tinker, J.W. Castree, and S.W. Coleman.

Productivity of two-year old crossbred cows with 0, ¼, and ½ Brahman breeding in spring versus fall calving systems.
            M.N. Carter, R.R. Frahm, E.D. Tinker, J.W. Castree, and S.W. Coleman.

Performance of limousin sired crossbred stocker calves with 0, 1/8 or ¼ Brahman breeding grazing wheat pasture.
            R.R. Frahm, E.D. Tinker, G.W. Horn, G.J. Vogel, and S.W. Coleman.

Feed lot and carcass traits of limousin sired crossbred cattle with 0, 1/8 or ¼ Brahman breeding.
            R.R. Frahm, E.D. Tinker, F.N. Owens, D.R. Gill, R.B. Hicks, and S.W. Coleman.

Front leg soundness scores of swine selected for rapid slow growth rate.
            M.D. Woltmann, D.S. Buchanan, and R. Vencl.

Sow productivity traits for four breeds of swine: Purebred and Crossbred Litters.
            D.S. Buchanan, H.R. Gaugler, R.L. Hintz, and R.K. Johnson.

Economic evaluation of alternative crossbreeding systems involving four breeds of swine.
            D.G. McLaren, D.S. Buchanan, and J.E. Williams.

Stability of lactose hydrolyzing activity in non-fermented Acidophilus milk during refrigerated storage.
            S.E. Gilliland and R.C. Lara.

Buttermilk manufacturing using a combination of direct acidification and citrate fermentation by Leuconostoc Cremoris.
            D.K. Walker and S.E. Gilliland.

Intramuscular fat and cholesterol content of certain chuck muscles.
            Y.I. Choi, H.A. Flores, J.J. Guenther, and K.K. Novtony.

Beef chuck composition as related to USDA quality and yield grade.
            Y.I. Choi, J.R. Busboom, J.J. Guenther, H.G. Dolezal, K.K. Novotny, and F.K. Ray.

Influence of USDA quality and yield grade on percent fat, Warner bratzler shear and cooking.
            Y.I. Choi, J.J Guenther, J.R. Busboom, S.G. May, K.K. Novotny, and D.S. Buchanan.

Effect of steroid immunization and body condition score on number of corpora Lutea and litter size in sheep.
            L.G. Burdit, M.T. Zavy, D.S. Buchanan, D.L. VonTungein, and G.A. Robson.

Inducing estrus in beef replacement heifers with MGA.
            G.E. Selk, C.A. McPeake, and R.P. Wettemann.

Synchro-Mate-B Will Synchronize Estrus Effectively in Spring and Fall Bred Brahman Crossbred Beef Cows.
            M.W. Richards, R.S. Smith, R.D. Geisert, L.E. Rice, D.S. Buchanan, R.R. Frahm, and J.W. Castree.

Influence of 96 hour calf separation on reproductive performance of range cows.
            R.P. Wettemann, K.S. Lusby, and G.E. Selk.

Body condition at calving and postpartum nutrient intake influence reproductive performance of range cows.
            R.P. Wettemann, K.S. Lusby, R.J. Rasby, and M.W. Richards.

Body condition at calving, calf survival and reproductive performance of first calf heifers.
            R.P. Wettemann and K.S. Lusby.

Associations between anestrus and blood glucose and insulin in hereford cows.
            M.W. Richards, R.P. Wettemann, H.M. Schoenemann, and S.D. Welty.

Sperm discharge and retention after artificial insemination of dairy cattle: A Preliminary Report.
            V.E. Nelson, E.P. Aalseth, C.H. Hawman, L.J. Dawson, and G.D. Adams.

Expert system for culling management of beef cows.
            J.W. Oltjen, L.G. Burditt, and G.E. Selk.

Influence of ingestion by cattle on the germination of arrowleaf clover seed.
            N.K. Maher, D.G. Wagner, D.M. Engle, and F.T. McCollum.

Influence of phosphorus on the yield and protein content of arrlowleaf clover in native tall grass prairie.
            N.K. Maher, D.G. Wagner, W.E. McMurphy, D.M. Engle, R.L. Gillen, and F.T. McCollum.

Brush management on the cross timbers experimental range: I. Brush problems and responses to Herbicides.
            J.F. Stritzke, D.M. Engle, and F.T. McCollum.

Brush management on the cross timbers experimental range:  II. Herbaceous plant responses.
            D.M. Engle, J.F. Stritzke, and F.T. McCollum.

Brush management on the cross timbers experimental range:  III. Carrying capacity and steer performance.
            F.T. McCollum, D.M. Engle and J.F. Stritzke.

Urinary Metabolites of cattle at two levels of feed intake.
            H.J. Anzola, R.R. Scott, F.N. Owens, and R. Raney.

Simultaneous extraction Yb, Dy and Co from feces with DCTA, DTPA, or EDTA.
            A.R. Karimi, F.N. Owens, and G.W. Horn.

Preliminary investigations of grazing horses on alfalfa.
            D.W. Freeman, D.R. Topliff, F.T. McCollum, J.E. Pumphrey, W. Altom, and C.A. Griffith.

Growth of weanling quarter horses fed varying energy and protein levels.
            S.R. Boren, D.R. Topliff, D.W. Freeman, R.J. Bahr, D.G. Wagner, and C.V. Maxwell.

Performance of yearling lambs on wheat forage and non-protein-nitrogen diet.
            R.H. Gallavan, Jr., W.A. Phillips, and D.L. VonTungein.

Lamb performance at various levels of wheat in the diet.
            W.A. Phillips, D.L. VonTungein, and Hudson Glimp.

Amino acid supplementation of high-wheat concentrate mixtures for dairy cows.
            T. Nalsen, L.J. Bush, and G.D. Adams.

Substituting wheat for corn in a concentrate mixture for dairy cows on weight basis.
            T. Nalsen, L.J. Bush, and G.D. Adams.

Determination of protein degradation in the rumen and intestine of heifers using a mobile dacron bag technique.
            T. Nalsen, F.N. Owens, L.J. Bush, and H. Anzola.

Response of heat stressed broilers to variation in the frequency of potassium chloride supplementation.
            M.O. Smith and R.G. Teeter.

Effects of potassium chloride and fasting on broiler performance under simulated summer conditions.
            M.O. Smith and R.G. Teeter.

Body weight gain and survival of fasted heat stressed broilers.
            M.O. Smith and R.G. Teeter.

Assessment of monensin and lasalocid in the diet of heat stressed broilers.
            M.O. Smith and R.G. Teeter.

Evaluation of halofuginone hydrobromide, bacitracin-zinc and roxarsone in diets of broiler chickens.
            M.O. Smith and R.G. Teeter.

Performance of broiler chickens fed diets containing nicarbazin, roxarsone and bacltracin.
            M.O. Smith and R.G. Teeter.

Evaluation of narasin and roxarsone as growth stimulants in heat stressed broilers.
            M.O. Smith and R.G. Teeter.

Efficacy of narasin, roxarsone and bacltracin combinations in the diet of broiler chickens.
            M.O. Smith and R.G. Teeter.

Response of broiler chickens to lasalocid and bacltracin in the diet.
            M.O. Smith and R.G. Teeter.

The value of romet, deccox, AS-700, or bovatec in the diet of newly received stocker cattle.
            V.S. Hays, D.R. Gill, R.A. Smith, and R.L. Ball

The response of stressed stocker cattle to AS-700, decoquinate, lasalocid plus vitamins and selenium, or Lasalocid Supplements.
            V.S. Hays, D.R. Gill, R.A. Smith, and R.L. Ball

The Effect of Vitamin E Supplementation on performance of newly received stocker cattle.
            V.S. Hays, D.R. Gill, R.A. Smith, and R.L. Ball

The effect of probiotic feeding on health and performance of newly-arrived stocker calves.
            D.R. Gill, R.A. Smith, and R.L. Ball.

Rate and extent of ruminal digestion of wheat forage and protein supplements by steers grazing wheat pasture.
            G.J. Vogel, M.A. Andersen, and G.W. Horn.

Kinetics of ammonia production in nitro from wheat forage.
            G.W. Horn, J.B. Russell, and J.W. Oltjen.

Effect of a Monensin Ruminal delivery device on weight gains of growing steers on wheat pasture.
            G.W. Horn, W.A. Phillips, D. Von Tungein, L.H. Carroll, and M.A. Worthington.

Effect of inclusion of high protein feedstuffs in supplements on stocker cattle performance on wheat pasture.
            G. Horn, C. Strasia, J. Martin, and G. Vogel.

Effect of meat meal supplementation on ruminal fermentation of steers grazing wheat pasture.
            M.A. Andersen, G.J. Vogel, G.W. Horn, and K.B. Poling.

Effect of meat meal supplementation on intake, site and extent of digestion of wheat forage by steers.
            M.A. Andersen, G.J. Vogel, G.W. Horn, and K.B. Poling.

Performance of steers fed soybean meal or soybean/soybean hull supplements while grazing on rangeland in the late summer.
            F.T. McCollum.

An Economic analysis of intensive-early stocking, season-long stocking and prescribed burning programs for stocker cattle operations in central Oklahoma.
            D.J. Bernardo and F.T. McCollum.

Evaluation of a dynamic rumen model for predictions of forage intake of grazing ruminants.
            J.C. Hyer and J.W. Oltjen.

Soybean hulls for growing beef cattle.
            C.A. Hibberd, F.T. McCollum, and R.R. Scott.

Effect of corn gluten feed on soybean meal supplementation on intake and utilization of prairie hay by Heifers.
            R.A. Younis and D.G. Wagner.

The value of corn gluten feed as a supplement for beef cattle grazing native range.
            A.T. Flock, K.S. Lusby, and F.T. McCollum.

Effects of corn gluten feed on forage intake, digestibility, and ruminal parameters of cattle fed native grass hay.
            A.T. Flock, K.S. Lusby, F.N. Owens, and F.T. McCollum.

Intake and digestibility of low-quality native grass by beef cows fed graded levels of soybean hulls.
            S.L. Martin and C.A. Hibberd.

Early postpartum protein supplementation for fall-calving beef cows.
            J.M. Gonzalez, C.A. Hibberd, R.R. Scott, B.D. Trautman, and C. Worthington.

Added cottonseed meal for beef heifers consuming corn-supplemented low-quality native grass hay diets.
            C.A. Hibberd, C.C. Chase, and L.D. Bourquin.

The Effect of mid-summer deworming with ivermectin on performance of cows and their calves in Southeast Oklahoma.
            S.C. Smith, K.S. Lusby, D.R. Bailey, M.G. Scroggs, and J.R. Freeny.

Response of fall-born calves to spring pasture burning or early summer protein supplementation.
            R.R. Scott, C.A. Hibberd, and C. Worthington.

Effect of lasalocid in limit-fed creep.
            K.C. Barnes, J.W. Walkter, and K.S. Lusby.

Growth hormone, insulin and glucose plasma patterns in gilts selected for rapid versus slow growth Rate.
            S.A. Norton, M.T. Zavy, D.S. Buchanan, C.V. Maxwell, and J.E. Breazile.

Amino acid supplementation of reduced protein wheat diets for growing-finishing swine.
            C.V. Maxwell, D.S. Buchanan, W.G. Luce, M.D. Woltman, G.N. Dietz, and Rex Vencl.

Raw mung beans as a protein source for gestation diets.
            C.V. Maxwell, D.S. Buchanan, W.G. Luce, Rex Vencl, M.D. Woltman, and G.N. Dietz.

Site and extent of nitrogen digestion in beef heifers fed different combinations of dry rolled corn and high moisture sorghum grain.
            M.N. Streeter, D.G. Wagner, C.A. Hibberd, and M.R. Putman.

Comparison of arkan wheat with mill run hard red winter wheat on performance of feedlot steers.
            R.B. Hicks, F.N. Owens, D.R. Gill, J.J. Martin, and C.A. Strasia.

Effect of controlled feed intake on performance of feed lot steers and heifers.
            R.B. Hicks, F.N. Owens, D.R. Gill, J.J. Martin, and C.A. Strasia.

A Comparison of monensin, narasin, sallnomycin and tylosin on feed lot performance of steers.
            C.A. Strasia, F.N. Owens, R.B. Hicks, J.J. Martin, and D.R. Gill.

The effect of laldlomycin propionate on the performance and carcass merit of feedlot steers and heifers.
            D.R. Gill, J.J. Martin, F.N. Owens, C.A. Strasia, R.B. Hicks, and H.R. Spires.

The effect of liver flukes on the performance of feed lot steers.
            R.B. Hicks, D.R. Gill, F.N. Owens, and V.S. Hays.

Effects of tremolo acetate with or without estuarial, snivel H, and raigro on the Rate and Efficiency of Gain by Feedlot Heifers.
            D.R. Gill, F.N. Owens, R.A. Smith, and R.B. Hicks.

Effects of zinc methlonine on live performance and carcass merit of feed lot steers.
            J.J. Martin, C.A. Strasia, D.R. Gill, R.B. Hicks, K. Ridenour, G. Dolezal, and F.N. Owens.

The Effects of slaughter date on carcass gain and carcass characteristics of feed lot steers.
            R.B. Hicks, F.N. Owens, D.R. Gill, J.J. Martin, H.G. Dolezal, F.K. Ray, V.S. Hays, and C.A. Strasia.

Effects of Tetronasin on the rate and efficiency of gain of feed lot steers.
            D.R. Gill, R.B. Hicks, F.N. Owens, V.S. Hays, and J.H. Baillie.

Antibiotic usage and feed lot residue avoidance.
            C.A. Strasia, D. Griffin, D. Marr, S.D. Kraich, D.R. Gill, and T.R. Thedford.

Beef Palatability as influenced by production, carcass and postmortem muscle traits.
            S.G. May, H.G. Dolezal, D.R. Gill, V.S. Hays, and R.B. Hicks.

Seasonal nutrient intake and utilization by stocker cattle grazing on Central Oklahoma Rangeland.
            F.T. McCollum and R.R. Campbell.

Influence of cereal grain type and method of processing on protein and starch digestion in feed lot steers.
            B.E. Doran and F.N. Owens

Thiamin deficiency in feed lot cattle: A Case Study.
            B.E. Doran and F.N. Owens.

Utilization of the Borolo merino in a crossbreeding program to increase litter size.
            L.G. Burditt, M.T. Zevy, and D.S. Buchanan.

Selection for growth rate in swine under full vs limit feeding.
            D.S. Buchanan.

Glycogen concentration in the Gluteus and horses fed varying levels of starch.
            D.R. Topliff, S.T. Lee, and D.W. Freeman.

Wheat as a grain source for the mature, exercising equine.
            D.R. Topliff, D.W. Freeman, and C.F. Budd.

The Effects of MGA fed prior to natural service on rebreeding performance of postpartum beef cows.
            G.E. Selk, K.C. Barnes, and J. Flusche.

Expert system for intensive early stocking.
            J.W. Oltjein, L.G. Burditt, and F.T. McCollum.


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