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1993 Animal Science Research Reports

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Response to Selection for Average Daily Gain Among Boars with Limited Feed Intake.
A.C. Clutter, M.D. Woltmann, D.S. Buchanan, and R. Venel

Calf Performance, Body Weight and Condition Score for First Calf Heifers Sired by High and Low Milk EPD Sires.
D.S. Buchanan, G.K. Ziehe and L. Knori

Milk Protein Genotypes Effects on Milk Production in Beef Heifers and Calf Performance: Preliminary Results.
G.K. Ziehe, D. Pomp and D.S. Buchanan

Trends in Performance Traits and Sale Prices of Centrally Tested Angus Bulls.
S.L. Northcutt, D.S. Buchanan and R.K. Davis

Predicting Final and Carcass Weights for Beef Calves in the OK Steer Feedout Program.
S.L. Northcutt, K.S. Lusby, D.S. Buchanan and K.C. Barnes

Effects of Age at Slaughter on Beef Carcass Quality and Tenderness Traits.
B.J. Burton, H.G. Dolezal, D.R. Gill, M.C. King, S.W. Deering, L.D. Yates and C.A. Strasia

Effect of Age at Slaughter on Carcass Cutability Traits and Boxed Beef Yields of Feedlot Steers.
S.W. Deering, H.G. Dolezal, D.R. Gill, M.C. King, B.J. Burton, J.W. Lamkey and C.A. Strasia

Effect of Slaughter Date on Longissimus Muscle Composition and Tenderness from Feedlot Steers.
M.T. Van Koevering, H.G. Dolezal, D.R. Gill and F.N. Owens

Weight-Based Adjustment for Ultrasonically Derived Carcass Traits Among Performance Tested Angus Bulls.
J.D. Jeffrey, T.L. Gardner, H.G. Dolezal, S.L. Northcutt and F.K. Ray

The Effect of Freezing on Aging of Beef.
M.A. Stuby, J.W. Lamkey and H.G. Dolezal

Effect of Laidlomycin Propionate on the Fatty Acid Compositionof Beef Ribeye Steaks.
S.K. Duckett, L.D. Yates, W.G. Wagner, H.D. Dolezal, M.T. Van Koevering and D.R. Gill

Characterization of Beef at Retail: Oklahoma Market Study.
C.L. Nick,H.G. Dolezal,F.K. RayandL.W. Hand

Dextrose Level and Holding Time Affects on Warmed-Over Flavor of Beef Top Round Roasts.
K.A. Dunlavy and J.W. Lamkey

Effects of Synthetic Antioxidants and Rosemary Extracts on Oxidative Rancidity and Color Stability in Whole Hog Sausage.
K.A. Newkirk, C.L. Gilchrist, L.W. Hand and D.S. Sutton

Physical and Sensory Properties of Jerky Made From Lamb, Mutton and Beef.
Sutton, D.S., L.W. Hand and G.Q. Fitch

Effects of Marination Holding Time and Temperature on Chicken Breast Halves.
L.F. Fenton, L.W. Hand and J.G. Berry

Production of Bacteriocins by Strains of Lactobacillus Acidophilus from Different Animal Origins.
S.H. Kim and S.E. Gilliland

Effects of Different Supplements and Limited-Drylot Feeding on Replacement Heifer Development.
T.T. Marston, K.S. Lusby and R.P. Wettemann

Effects of Feeding Different Amounts of Energy and Protein Supplements to Fall-Calving Beef Cows.
T.T. Marston, K.S. Lusby and R.P. Wettemann

The Effects of Energy and Protein Supplements of Spring-Calving Cows.
T.T. Marston, K.D. Lusby and R.P. Wettemann

Responsiveness of Beef Cow Body Condition to Energy Supplementation.
T.A. Thrift, C.A. Hibberd, G.E. Selk and J. Lee

Interaction Between Supplemental Protein and Energy for Lactating Beef Cows Grazing Donnant Native Grass.
T.A. Thrift, C.A. Hibberd, K.S. Swenson and J. Lee

Evaluation of Wheat Forage in Wintering Programs for Cow-Calf Operations-Year 2.
K.L. Apple, K.S. Lusby, A.L. Hutson, L. Ely, and G. Provence

Evaluation of Wheat Forage During the Grazeout Period for Cow-Calf Operations- Year.
K.L. Apple, A.L. Hutson, K.S. Lusby, L. Ely, and G.L. Provence

Kenaf vs Alfalfa Hay for Growing Beef Cattle.
T.W. Hancock,J.P. Parker,C.A. Hibberd, and M.R. Dicks

Effect of Nnitrogen Fertilizer Rate on Nitrate Content of Hybrid Sundan Grass Hays.
G.E. Selk, D.G. Wagner, G.L. Strickland, S.E. Hawkins and S. Janloo

Mineral Levels of Broiler House Litter and Forages and Soils Fertilized with Litter.
S.C. Smith, J.G. Britton, J.D. Enis, K.C. Barnes, and K.S. Lusby

Feeding Value of Poultry Litter for Supplementing Bermudagrass Hay.
S.C. Smith, J.G. Britton, K.C. Barnes, J.W. Kelly, and K.S. Lusby

Effect of Magnesium-Mica on Production and Pellet Quality of a 20 Percent Protein Range Cube.
A.E. Sharp, F.N. Owens and D.R. Gill

Effects of Calcium Chloride on Prepartum Udder Edema and Plasma and Urine Electrolytes in Holstein Heifers.
T.P. Miller, W.B. Tucker, J.F. Hogue, I.S. Shin, and G.D. Adams

Effects of Protected Fat on Plasma Concentrations of Cholesterol and Progesterone in Lactating Dairy Cows.
L.J. Spicer, R.K. Vernon, W.B. Tucker, R.P. Wettemann, and G.D. Adams.

Carcass Index Trends for OK Steer Feedout from 1986-1992.
G.A. Highfill, S.L. Northcutt,R.K. Ray, C.W. Shearhart, and K.S. Barnes

Body Composition of Feedlot Steers Differing in Age and Background.
D.R. Gill, F.N. Owens, M.C. King and H.G. Dolezal

Effect of Slaughter Data on Performance and Carcass Quality of Feedlot Steers.
M.T. Van Koevering, D.R. Gill, F.N. Owens, H.G. Dolezal, and C.A. Strasia

Starting Age and Background: Effects on Feedlot Performance of Steers.
D.R. Gill, M.C. King, H.G. Dolezal, J.J. Martin, and C.A. Strasia

Starting Age: Effects on Economics and Feedlot Carcass Characteristics of Steers.
D.R. Gill, M.C. King, D.S. Peel, H.G. Dolezal, J.J. Martin and C.A. Strasia

The Effects of Age, Date on Feed and Corn Processing Method on Feedlot Performance.
W.J. Hill, F.T. McCollum, D.R. Gill, C.A. Strasia, and J.J. Martin

Effects of Feeding Ethanol on Performance and Carcass Traits of Feedlot Steers.
M.L. Kreul, L.D. Yates, D.R. Gill, H.G. Dolezal, and M.T. Van Koevering

Effect of Dietary Cation-Anion Balance on Mineral Balance in Horses.
L.A. Baker, D.R. Topliff, D.W. Freeman, R.G. Teeter, and J.E. Breazile

Effects of Dietary Cation-Anion Balance on Acid Base Balance and Blood Parameters in Anaerobically Exercised Horses.
J.C. Popplewell, D.R. Topliff, D.W. Freeman, and J.E. Breazile

The Effect of Dietary Cation-Anion Balance of Mineral Balance in the Anaerobically Exercised Horse.
D.L. Wall, D.R. Topliff, D.W. Freeman, J.E. Breazile, D.G. Wagner and W.A. Stutz

Effects of Weaning, Fasting and B-Vitamin injections on plasma B-vitamin concentrations in beef calves.
P.L. Dubeski and F.N. Owens

Plasma levels of water soluble vitamins in various classes of cattle.
P.L. Dubeski and F.N. Owens

Effect of a self-limited monensin-containing energy supplement and selenium bolus on performance of growing cattle grazing wheat pasture.
P.A. Beck, G.W. Horn, M.D. Cravey and K.B. Poling

High-starch and high-fiber energy supplements improve performance of stocker cattle grazing wheat pasture.
M.D. Cravey, G.W. Horn, F.T. McCollum, P.A. Beck, and B.G. McDaniel

Evaluation of bloat potential of cattle as affected by Nand K fertilization in continuous winter wheat.
G.W. Horn, W.R. Raun, G.A. Highfill, C. Bowen, and R.K. Boman

Blood and performance responses to slow-release selenium boluses for cattle grazing tallgrass prairie.
W.J. Hill, F.T. McCollum, D.R. Gill and R.L. Ball

Forage availability affects wheat forage intake by stocker cattle.
F.T. McCollum, M.D. Cravey, S.A. Gunter, J.M. Mieres, P.A. Beck, R. San Julian and G.W. Horn

Low-level energy supplementation of steers grazing tall grass prairie.
S.A. Gunter and F.T. McCollum, III

Performance of light-weight calves fed high or medium protein supplements on summer range.
M.A. Kail and K.S. Lusby

Supplements for light weight calves received and grown on native grass hay.
M.A. Kail and K.S. Lusby

Performance of stockers growth on prairie or bermdagrass hay with 40 or 25% protein supplements.
K.S. Lusby and M.A. Kail

The effects of septimune on health and performance of stressed stocker cattle.
W.J. Hill, J. Kirkpatrick, D.R. Gill and R.L. Ball

Effects of aureomycin, delivered through the drinking water, on shipping stressed stocker cattle.
W.J. Hill, D.R. Gill and R.L. Ball

Effects of tilmicosin or ceftiofur on health and performance of stressed stocker cattle.
R.A. Smith, D.R. Gill and M.T. Van Koevering

Effect of B-hydroxy-B-methyl butyrate on the health and performance of shipping-stressed calves.
M.T. Van Koevering, D.R. Gill, R.A. Smith, F.N. Owens, S. Nissen and R.L. Ball

Effect of plasma protein source in performance of early-weaned pigs.
C.V. Maxwell, K.S. Sohn and K.S. Brock

Effect of iron source (oral vs injectable) for young pigs on weight gain, survival, hematocrit and hemoglobin.
C.V. Maxwell, K.S. Sohn and T.M. Fakler

Effect of turbozyme 160 on performance of early-weaned pigs.
C.V. Maxwell,K.S. Sohn,T.M. Faklerand K.S. Brock

Effect of acidification on starter pig performance.
C.V. Maxwell,K.S. Sohn,K.S. Brock

Ovarian activity in beef heifers immunized against gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH).
D.K. Bishop, R.P. Wettemann, J.V. Yelich, and L.J. Spicer

Effects of insulin and insulin-like growth factor-Ion ovarian granulosa cell function in cattle.
L.J. Spicer and E. Alpizar

Relationship between body weight changes in post puberal heifers and cessation of luteal activity.
J.A. Vizcarra and R.P. Wettemann

Growth rate of beef heifers I. Body composition at puberty.
J.V. Yelich, R.P. Wettemann, H.G. Dolezal, K.S. Lusby and D.K. Bishop

Growth rate of beef heifers II. Carcass lipid and lipid partitioning at puberty.
J.V. Yelich, R.P. Wettemann, H.G. Dolezal, K.S. Lusby, and D.K. Bishop

A comparison of midgrass prairie and old world bluestem during winter and early spring.
T.T. Marston, S.A. Gunter, F.T. McCollum and R.L. Gillen


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