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1994 Animal Science Research Reports

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Progeny response in lean tissue feed conversion to selection for post weaning gain among boards with limited fee intake.
            S.R. McPeake, A.C. Clutter, M.D. Woltmann, D.S. Buchanan, H.G. Dolezal, and R. Vencl

Productivity of mature crossbred cows with different proportions of Brahman in spring and fall calving systems: cow performance.
            G.K. Ziehe, D.S. Buchanan, R.R. Frahm, and L.W. Knori

Productivity of mature crossbred cows with different proportions of Brahman in spring and fall calving systems: calf performance.
            G.K. Ziehe, D.S. Buchanan, R.R. Frahm, and L.W. Knori

Associations of DNA markers with carcass and production traits in Angus sired calves.
            P.A. Tank, D. Pomp, M.K. Nielsen, R.J. Rasby, B.L. Gwartney, and C.R. Calkins

Finding genes that control body size and composition: the mouse model.
            D. Pomp, M.A. Cushman, S.C. Foster, D.K. Drudik, M. Fortman, and E.J. Eisen

Associations of five genes with growth and maternal traits in line 1 Hereford cattle.
            D.E. Moody, D. Pomp, S. Newman, and M.D. MacNeil

Survival of late exponential phase and stationary phase cells of Lactobacillus acidophilus at 7°C.
            M.M. Brashears and S.E. Gilliland

The effect of animal age at slaughter on fatty acid and cholesterol content of beef ribeye steaks.
            S.K. Duckett, D.G. Wagner, H.G. Dolezal, L.D. Yates, D.R. Gill and M.C. King

Carcass trends in an Oklahoma youth barrow show.
            W.G. Luce, F.K. Ray, D.S. Buchanan, G.A Highfill and J.D. Wallace

Trends in an Oklahoma swine carcass contest.
            W.G. Luce, F.K Ray, D.S. Buchanan,G.A. Highfill, F.A. Smith and S.C. Smith

Carcass merit non-conformance in the OK steer feedout program.
            S.L. Northcutt, H.G. Dolezal, G.A. Highfill, F.K Ray and C.W. Shearhart

Utilization of HACCP in small meat processing plants.
            E.L. Renfrow, J.W. Lamkey, T.G. Rehberger, L.W. Hand and F.K Ray

Aging response of beef muscles from different quality grades before and after freezing.
            M.A. Stuby-Souva, J.W. Lamkey and H.G. Dolezal

Determining the points of contamination in processing fresh pork sausage.
            E.L. Renfrow and J.W. Lamkey

Nitrate concentrations in Oklahoma hybrid Sudangrass and Pearl Millet hays.
            G.E. Selk, G.L. Strickland and D.G. Wagner

The effects of ionophore supplement on replacement heifer development.
            H.T. Purvis II, K.S. Lusby and R.P. Wettermann

Energy or protein supplements before or after calving for beef cows.
            T.T. Marston, K.S. Lusby, and R.P. Wettermann

Development of heifers on range or range-programmed feeding.
            T.T. Marston, K.S. Lusby, and R.P. Wettermann

Effects of lactation type of supplements on forage intake and digestibility.
            T.T. Marston and K.S. Lusby

Effect of supplemental copper boluses on cow and calf performance.
            B.L. Peverly, S.C. Smith, K.S. Lusby, D. Cooper, and L.W. Kelly

The effect of Ivomec on weight gains of beef cows and their calves in eastern Oklahoma.
            B.R. Stacey, K.C. Barnes, and K.S. Lusby

Influence of interval feeding protein supplement to spring calving beef cows on body wieght and body condidtion score during winter.
            R.P. Wetterman and K.S. Lusby

Impact of including DL-methionine in drinking water for Angora goats.
            H. Carneiro, T. Sahlu and F.N. Owens

Cobaction II for feedlot steers.
           M.T. Van Koevering, D.S. Secrist and F.N. Owens

High moisture ear corn for feedlot steers.
            M.T. Van Koevering, W.J. Hill, F.N. Owens, D.R. Gill, C.A. Strasia and U. Martin

High concentrate-low strach strating diets.
            D. Gill, M.T. Van Koevering and F.N. Owens

Use of production isoquants in evaluating the resonse of wheat pasture stocker cattle to increasing levels of energy supplementation.
            D.J. Bernardo, N. Coulibaly, M.D. Cravey and G.W. Horn

Preliminary evaluation of what varieties in the wheat grain/stocker cattle enterprise.
            G.W. Horn, G. Krenzer, D.J. Bernardo and B. McDaniel

Effect of alternate-day feeding of a monensin-containing energy supplement on wieght gains and variation in supplement intake by wheat pasture stocker cattle.
            J.G. Andrae, G.W. Horn and G. Lowery

Copper and/or selenium boluses for stocker cattle.
            S.C. Smith, B.L. Peverly, K.S. Lusby, T.L. Bullard, R.K. Martin and T.E. Evicks

Influence of drylot growing programs on subsequent performance of stockers grazing small grain pasture.
            G.S. highfill, K.S. Lusby, S.L. Price, R.C. LeValley and R.M. Lloyd

Performance of beef calves supplemented with protein or energy with or without Smartamine-M.
            K.S. Lusby

In vivo hypocholesterolemic action of lactobacillus acidophilus and calcium: interterence with enterohepatic circulation of bile acids .
            B.Z. de Rodas, S.E. Gilliland, C.V. Maxwell and M.L. Rose

Effect of dietary lysine level on pig performance during phase 2 of the nursery period.
            M.L. Rose, C.V. Maxwell and D.S. Buchanan

Effect of ideal protein diet formulation on pig performance during phase 2 of the nursery period.
            M.L. Rose, C.V. Maxwell and D.S. Buchanan

Effect of plasma protein on performance and plasma insulin like gorwth factor-I, growth hormone insulin and glucose concentrations in early weaned pigs.
            B.Z. de Rodas, C.V. Maxwell, L.J. Spicer and K.S. Sohn

Treatment with melatonin increases pregnancy rate of beef cattle.
            R.P. Wettermann, H.A. Tucker, K.S. Tucker, K.S. Lusby, D.K. Bishop, J.V. Yelicj and J.A. Vizcarra

Environmental effects on puberty in gilts.
           R.P. Wettermann, K. Brock and C.V. Maxwell

Immunication of beef heifers against gonadotropin releasing hormone: effectiveness of the protein that is conjugated to GnRU.
            R.P. Wettermann, K. Brock and C.V. Maxwell



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